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Sonic and Friends

Hey everyone! Any fans of Sonic the Hedgehog out there? I recently made these guys for an almost 4 year old Sonic fan. I've actually made all of them before for some other boys, and I seemed to have forgotten how fiddly (but totally worth it in the end) they were!

The patterns are by WolfDreamer: you can find the (free!) Sonic pattern HERE, and the (free!) Tails pattern HERE. The Knuckles doll is made with a combination of both patterns, with a few improvisations for the hair and knuckles. For the yarn, I used Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton Yarn, and a size E (3.5mm) hook. 

When I made these dolls in the past I used acrylic yarn, and have done a few "surgeries" on Sonic since he is so loved. I thought I would try cotton yarn with the hopes it might hold up a little better, and maybe be less like to get fuzzy and pill. (I'm always learning and figuring things out!)

Tails I think is just the cutest. It's probably his big fox ears.

All of the eyes, and a few other …

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